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About Me

Donna Trovato was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, the second child of four. She realized her interest in spooky and entertaining stories at a young age. Overnight camping trips as a Girl Scout with her sister typically involved the telling of hair-raising stories at bedtime, which further enhanced her love for being spooked—and especially scaring others. Her joy of reading and writing continued to grow, and she later created a few short stories for her small children. Unable to ignore the persistent desire to learn more about the storytelling process, she enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University’s online Creative Writing program, where she was named to the President’s List in recognition for her academic achievement. She earned her BA in March 2018.

In September 2018, Donna was accepted for a writing internship for the online publishing company, Coffee House Writers. With enthusiasm, she continues as a Writer and publishes short stories on their platform. And several of her stories have received highest views for the month. She is also an Editor and Advertising Supervisor for the online company.

Donna is an avid reader of thriller, suspense, horror, mystery, and dystopian-based novels. She derives countless ideas for stories or unique characters from simple day-to-day experiences, which find their way into her current WIP.

Donna lives in Southern California with her family and their multiple dogs and cats. Their favorite time of year is autumn—especially Halloween time.



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