The nefarious nighttime monster stepped out from the portal, and an evil smirk possessed his face. The vile red-eyed beast never knew where the gateway would end up, nor did he care. All that mattered was making a kill—and receiving a reward of a whole-body judder when the human’s heart ceased. The forceful vibration sent warmth coursing throughout their hairy body, like the effects of strong rum rolling down a human’s throat.

The woolly monster crawled underneath the bed of his next intended victim and extended his sharp claws. He awaited the bed’s occupant, hoping the target would forgo an under-the-bed inspection before hopping in for a night’s rest. In the unfortunate event that a human should dare a glance, all bets were off. One peek from a human’s eye would send him back through the portal—unrewarded. The menacing beast hated when that happened.

The aged floorboards creaked, and footfalls neared. A human entered the darkened room, causing a surge in the monster’s anticipation. He glanced upward through the thin dust ruffle to peek at his next victim. Standing a few feet from his clawed hands was a young man—a teenager. Delight coursed through the creature’s yellow veins since teens—especially males—rarely ever peeked under the bed.

Time for beddy-bye, Sir, mused the monster as a giggle seeped through his lumpy lips.

A loud yawn ensued before the teenager flicked off the lights and hopped into bed. The wicked creature listened with a keen ear as the male tossed and turned for a short period. But soon`, his breathing slowed. A low, consistent snore followed, signaling a dozing human—ideal for killing.

Bingo! Game on!

The nefarious monster pressed his sharp talons to the underside of the mattress. With ease, he worked the claws up through the bedding, toward the slumbering boy. He paused when he detected flesh. With an evil smirk possessing his face, the creature extended a thin, needle-like object from the tip of a talon. It grew and knew its required destination—the human heart. The sharp object made its way to the teenager’s ticker, then slipped inside.

“Goodnight… forever,” the monster mumbled.

In a quick and simple move, the evil creature released an undetectable toxin, causing the human’s heart to stop. A warm jolt of electricity then coursed through the beast, eliciting a cackle of delight.

The autopsy will show he died of natural causes… heart failure. Another one bites the dust, mused the monster. If only he’d checked under the bed before climbing in. It would have sent me back through the portal—and he would have lived.

Did you remember to check under your bed before climbing in last night? Will you tonight?