It’s Coming For You – A Collection Of Horrors

A collection of 10 short horror stories—some darker than others. They all share a common theme: the existence of creepy things, day or night, and they will come for you. Other themes explored are revenge, isolation, good vs. evil, the will to survive, and, of course, DEATH, amongst a few others.

Author Donna Trovato presents disturbing stories intended to make you ponder, cringe, shudder, or gasp. Have you glanced over your shoulder lately to see if someone is watching you—lurking in the shadows?

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These 10 tales of horror range from mildly disturbing to utterly revolting. But the prose is pleasant, and the ancillary characters are vivid. Characters’ thoughts and actions are often unpredictable, and there are plenty of sharp plot turns and shocking endings.

In a remote Midwestern town, Morrigan—a sleep-paralysis demon—soars through the night skies, searching for a home… searching for a victim. The malicious demon enjoys meddling with sleeping humans; the bloodier, the better. And in another town, a man struggles with a dissociative identity disorder. Sunday through Saturday afternoon, Richard controls the body. But on Saturday evenings, Creepy Curt emerges. He goes on murderous sprees while donning an evil clown costume. His weapon of choice is a meat cleaver. And he enjoys spewing the phrase, ‘You Are A Chosen One’ just before he ends a life.

There’s an old Victorian home, haunted by a dark-haired floating apparition. The sallow-faced ghost cradles an infant apparition in a pink blanket within her bony arms. Each night, they pay a visit to the female inhabitant and taunt her at 2:38. In another story, sky-flashes have affected the entire planet. Most humans changed into horrific zombie-like beings. Their eyeballs have become opaque and dark blood oozes from their tear ducts. They remain motionless—unless disturbed by touch or loud noise. Once aroused, they become violent, murderous cannibals.

During an overly hot summer, Chef Pete cooks his special dish, Cranberry Chicken Waffles, at the casual-dining restaurant. The cranky man is a cannibal and enjoys substituting the chicken with human flesh and body parts, then serves it to his oblivious customers. And a special treat he reserves for himself is chocolate-covered eyeballs. How about Upstate New York’s Pinerock Forest? Deep inside the woods, there is a fog-infused area called Fatal Forest. A boyfriend takes his girlfriend on the arduous journey, and things take a horrific turn.

Dugald Rudenko, an arrogant man who enjoys torturing and killing humans, purchases an old split-level home. Boarded up cinderblocks in the basement conceals a hideous beast that possesses incredible powers. With the wiggle of an antenna, it inflicts pain, injury, and death. Which killer will triumph? The nefarious human or the basement dweller? The mountainous regions of California are the chosen hideaway for a group of survivors after a contagious and deadly virus spreads like wildfire. But there’s no escaping the turmoil and violence from other depraved survivors. Savagery will find them.

An evil entity sneaks into a young couple’s camper and follows them to their rental cabin at the Lakes Regions, New Hampshire. Under cover of darkness, it camouflages itself and slinks into their bedroom to levitate over the sleeping female. After spewing a thick fluid into the pregnant female’s mouth, it blows a curse which creates a horrific destiny for her unborn child. Finally, in a pitch-black underground tunnel system, Jianna finds herself trapped. Something ominous navigates through the cold, wet tunnels, searching for the frightened woman. The claustrophobic protagonist must fight through seclusion and darkness while dealing with a vast amount of unknown horrors.

Some characters will survive the violence, the foulness, and odious situations. Some will not. Could you? Did you glance out your windows? Have you checked under your bed? Someone may lie in wait—for the perfect opportunity. Watch for more horrifying stories. Otherwise, it’s coming for YOU!



Paperback, eBook


September 23, 2020

Print Length

170 pages