Short Stories From Donna Trovato

Below are a collection of short horror stories written by me and are displayed via Coffee House Writers RSS feed.

Monster Under The Bed

The nefarious nighttime monster stepped out from the portal, and an evil smirk possessed his face. The vile red-eyed beast never knew where the gateway would end up, nor did he care.

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The Stalker

Raindrops fell from the sky, blowing sideways from gusts of wind. Felix took cover under a large oak tree and glanced at his watch: 4:20 a.m. An evil smirk spread across his face.

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New Year, New Fear

Paige stood in the middle of the long dirt road with her backside toward her grandparent’s farm. She crossed her arms and gazed upward to observe the darkening mass hovering overhead.

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Hallows Hotel – Part 2

Wes, DeeDee, and Jenna stood in silence, staring up toward the hatch door as Vic closed it, trapping them underground. The metal access panel closed with a loud click and echoed off the subterranean walls.

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